Mindful Day – Music


Today have a specially mindful day


How about


you listen to a piece of music


without doing something else.


Close your eyes and enjoy the instruments playing,


listen to the music in detail,


hear the different instruments,


enjoy the soothing sound,


give thanks to your ears picking up the sound.


and most of all




How about this one:






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  1. Part of the fun of teaching dance is that it involves hearing great music from old time Big Band as well as, pop tunes. Instrumentals like Henry Mancini. Everything from The Beatles to Motown. It’s very eclectic music. Sometimes slow and gentle; sometimes full of energy.

    Yet, it’s always nice to take time to relax and just take in a beautiful, inspiring song while I lie on the sofa. Music evokes wonderful feelings! 🙂

    Happy Easter!

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