Question to bloggers


I have a question to all bloggers out there please.

My blog is over 5 years old and is slowly running out of space. ( free theme)

What can I do to add space? ( not buying additional space though)

Do I need to delete posts, which I don’t really like.

Do I need to start a new one and start all over again?

I have exported the whole lot and got it on my downloads. – for info

Any ideas are appreciated bearing in mind that I am not that computer savvy.


Thank you

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  1. I’ve had a premium theme for a number of years and have used only 9% of the 13Gb I’m allocated and as you know I post loads of pictures. The only help I can give you Ute is to either go premium or ask the question in the WordPress forum.
    Happy New Year my friend 🙂 ❤

  2. Liebe Ute ,ich glaube es ist besser dass Du alte Posts löscht,das machte ich auch bis ich mich dazu entschied jedes Jahr Premium zu bezahlen.Es ist schade einen neuen Blog anzufangen,Du hast soviel Zeit investiert.Besser Fotos löschen,Die herzlichsten Grüsse ❤

  3. I chose to upgrade my blog and pay a small yearly fee but even with that option I am running out of space. 😦 Maybe the only free solution is to start another blog. I really don’t know.

  4. Well, one of my regular blog friend use Flickr. He makes photos in Flick and then links them to his page. I have been thinking to do the same way when needed. Flickr offers so much space that You never can use it.

    Happy New Year 2018.

  5. Mine is getting full too after 6 years but I will not delete anything because it’s also my journal of memories. Perhaps I’ll start a new one eventually, with a link on my first blog to my new blog. 🙂


  6. I recommend to buy more space. I created a new blog in 2013 and still regret that I lost the history of my previous blog. You invested so much time already, let the blog grow. 🙂

    • Thanks Tatjana, I can see the benefit of buying more space as you say we do invest time and thought and don’t want to lose it. It is good to hear it from other bloggers and it is great o be valued. Thank you!

  7. I need to change from premium to standard this year and I use about 20% of my allocated 13gb and can’t afford the extra. SO the only thing I can think of doing is to find all the big photos, swap them for smaller versions of the same thing. I have some photos that are 5-6mb each. To change each one down to 450kb, it may make a difference. But it is time-consuming, going through the posts, downloading the image, shrink it, upload it, change the details on the post.; rinse and repeat.

  8. Or start another blog that you only upload images to and link from there. It gives you another 3gb of space. You don’t have to use any posts, just upload the images to it.

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