Weekly inspiration No 45 – Gratitude


Pause and ask yourself

what are the things you are grateful for today.


Decide to appreciate the good  in your life,

you will be surprised at how much you find.



“Joy is what happens to us

when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”

Marianne Williamson


Join me in my gratitude game:

1: my sister, for always being the best sister in the world.

2: my garden, it gives me so much joy and peace.

3: the parsley I just cut from my garden to decorate my dinner with.

4: the internet which makes friends far away so much closer.

5: my wonderful bloggers who give me joy throughout the year….big hugs!


With love

from me

❤ ❤ ❤

22 responses »

  1. I am grateful for my husband Kim.
    I am grateful for my hometown Hamburg, especially the West if the city.
    I am grateful for chocolate.
    I am grateful for the internet (like Ute).
    I am grateful for the blogger-friendship with Ute.

    (I am grateful for much more, causing an infinite list, but I thought these five make a good start.)

    Thank you, as always, for this beautiful inspiration, dear Ute!
    Much Love,

    • Thank you for playing this gratitude game and I am grateful I can read those lovely answers. I am truly grateful to have you as my friend Steffi, have a wonderful grateful day! ♥

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