Special Weekly Inspiration No 44 – You can do it


Special Newsflash.

This weekly Inspiration is for a special person

who needs to read this

this morning.

Although I hope to give 

 all my wonderful readers 

the perfect start to a great day!

“This is your

Wednesday Morning Reminder

that you are


and you can handle anything!”


Sparkle and Shine! 

Sending much love to all!


With love

from me

❤ ❤ ❤

28 responses »

  1. You are amazing, too, dear Ute!
    I hope the special person reads this and knows that they are surrounded by Love. I am sending lots of it, too, to you, them, and everyone, here.
    Much L💗VE,

  2. What a special post for that special person! Thank you for including all your wonderful readers! I will echo your words to you my amazing and wonderful friend! 🙂


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