A day in Barcelona


Barcelona is a wonderful city and so much to see.

An amazing church building – La Sagrada Familia from the Architect Antoni Gaudi which he started building in 1883.  Knowing he will not see it finished, he spent 40 years building and left plans for his successors. He is buried under the nave.

On the link on his name is a short video what it will look like when it is finished hopefully in 2026, ready for Gaudi’s 100th anniversary of his death.

His buildings and casas are all over Barcelona.

Next was the “Casa de les Punxes” or Casa Terradas which was build for 3 sisters by a different architect looking more like a castle.

Casa de les Punxes

All details are just fabulous even the balcony tiles from the bottom.

We walked to the next of Gaudi’s buildings the Casa Mila. This was built as an apartment block.

Casa Mila

We continued our walk to the next Gaudi Casa along the famous and really large Passeig Gracia. This Road is tree lined, has exclusive shops, wide pavements and amazing old buildings. The pavement is tiled with Gaudi tiles; aren’t they beautiful?


Gaudi tiles on the Passeig Gracia


Along there we came to Casa Batllo, a colourful casa built by Gaudi again.


Casa Batllo

Next to this casa is a Netherland style casa called Casa Amatller from the same architect as the Casa de Punxes above.

Casa Amatller and Casa Batllo

Casa Amatller

So many casas…. it was so interesting.

Casa Lleo Morera



Admiring all buildings we headed to the Cathedral. As the queues were everywhere terribly long, we continued to walk and see all from outside – we only had one day.


Then we went through small little roads to our last stop The Arc de Triomf.

Arc de Triomf

This Arc de Triomf was build in 1888 as an entrance to the Barcelona World Fair, a very impressive building.

We walked over 20000 steps as my step counter showed and were ready to go back by train to village were we stayed.

This was a short one day tour of Barcelona, hope you enjoyed the sites.

I have visited Barcelona on the 8th August and this post was put together before the terror attack in Barcelona. It is terrible to think what happened and my thoughts and prayers are with the people who died or were injured in the attack.  I pray that the world become a safer place.

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  1. Very interesting post Ute, wonderful to experience the world through blogging!

    Fabulous architecture! I especially love the Case Mila! That’s one of the things that I liked about New York, admiring the buildings, but there were no palm trees and I love palm trees as much as you do! On the north pavement of Central Park there were honey comb patterns, similar to what you posted (actually, we saw a lot of honey comb patterns in various places I want to show them sometime on my blog).

    I didn’t know that Barcelona has an Arc de Triomf. New York also has a marble triumphal arch built in 1892 in Washington Square, it will be in an upcoming post.

    Sadly, we have heard the tragic news of yet another terrorist attack, this time in Barcelona. I feel such sorrow for the victims of these heinous crimes agains humanity. We stood at the memorial in New York City, where thousands of people were murdered on 9/11. I can’t help but cry. Sadly, it is becoming the norm. We cannot accept this. What will it take to stop them?


    • I agree with you. So sad what happens in all the world cities.
      Yes I found it great with the arc , and just had to see it. London has the Marble Arch which is a bit like it too. Great buildings to admire… in many cities. Enjoy the rest of your time in NY. ♥

  2. Thank you for taking me along on your trip to Barcelona. At least, that’s how it felt. The architecture there is amazing. The intricate patterns of the first church were beautiful.

  3. Great post and gorgeous photos. When we were there, the Sagrada Família was incredible to see live. In Finland Sagrada Família was made of ice some winter. I can say – very cool.

    Happy Thursday.

  4. Such awesome architecture! Thank you for sharig some of the joy you experienced in Barcelona, dear Ute!
    I had not been aware that La Sagrada Familia is not even finished, yet. On the video about the finished building (for which you shared the link) it looks like a giant church organ. Let’s pray that it’s pipes join a hughe choir to spread peace over the world.
    Much Love,

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