Fun with Squirrels


I love squirrels.

I do have some around my garden too.


Advice from a Squirrel 

Look both ways when you cross the road
Plan ahead
Stay active
Eat plenty of fibre
Spend time in the woods
Go out on a limb
It’s ok to be a little nuts.


found on facebook.

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  1. I love squirrels also. Admire their courage when leaping from one tree limb to another!! They seem so free and fun loving creatures. I saw a rabbit in my yard yesterday. I was so excited.

  2. I love squirrels too. My family used to have a cabin in Idaho and my grandpa tamed the squirrels so that they would eat out of his hand. Which terrified my mom because she was afraid they might have rabies.

    • They probably can have that, but they are just so sweet though! 🙂 Some squirrels here eat out of your hand, in London by St Pauls Cathedral for example!

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