Weekly Inspiration No 27 – Take care


Life is like a flower

If you don’t take care of it,

it will fade.”


I bought some reduced, dry and almost dying plants at the local DIY shop.

I wanted to nurture them and give them life again.

First they got greener with water,

then they started blooming.



Now they show me how thankful they are with many colouful blooms,

I am grateful too!


I enjoy them every day and take care of them.

They give me smiles every day!


Take care of things to enjoy!

Also take care of yourself !


Much love

from me!

❤ ❤ ❤


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  1. Die Blüten sind wunderschön, mir gefallen die Farben von lila bis rot sehr gut. Du hast ein Händchen für Pflanzen.

    • Ute, ich finde die Farben auch so schoen. Mit innen pflanzen bin ich nicht so gut, finde ich , doch ich geniesse meinen kleinen Garten so sehr. Zur Mittagspause kann ich heimkommen und ein bisschen raus sitzen und relaxen, das ist viel wert!

  2. Aww, how beutiful, and how kind of you to give those plants a loving and caring home, dear Ute!
    This is something I can relate to, very well, as Kim and I also often have saven plants that were to be thrown away. Now they are thriving on window sills and in corners of our home.
    People often forget, that plants are living beings, too. Unfortunately people also often forget to treat living beings with respect and care. Do see how you take care of these beauties and how beautifully grateful they are, makes me smile, too! 😊
    Much Love,

  3. My wife planted 50 flowers that she had gotten for $5.00. it was a good deal, because they all seemed to be dying. I have been meticulously watering, and feeding them, and 49 are doing great. Sadly, one didn’t make it. I guess that’s a lot like life. You just do the best you can. Love your blog, and the positive attitude.

    • Thank you very much Patrick, it is so rewarding to bring plants back to life and we can enjoy them for a long time! As Waldo says “the earth laughs in flowers” ♥, Enjoy your 49 flowers to the full. Thank you for visiting and liking my blog! Have a wonderful day and warm greeting to your wife!

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