A day out in Germany


Danny was travelling again.

We had just one day but Danny saw some lovely sites.

We went to Lichtenstein Castle,


Danny climbed everywhere to have his picture taken.



After a piece of cake we went to explore the “Nebelhöhle

A large cave with stalactites and stalagmites.


The very end of the cave is bathed in constant changing lights.

It looks amazing!



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  1. Tollk, wo Danny überall herumkommt. Das nächste Mal soll er die Bärenhöhle besuchen, das ist doch seine ursprüngliche Heimat 🙂

    • Absolut Ute, wir haben die Nebelhoehle gemacht , da wir ganz in der Geschichte von Hauff waren, und wollten wissen wo sich der Herzog Ulrich versteckt hatte. Das is ja ein langer weg zu seiner extra hoehle. Es war so schoen dort!

  2. We are so jealous Danny ! Looks like you had great fun posing in the castle and the cave. You make a great supermodel our friend. Love Fanny and Stanley 🙂 ❤ ❤

    • Thank you my friends, you know Spain started the travel bug in me and I just want to travel all the time…. Thanks for thinking I am a super model , I try my best… hehe bear hugs for you!

  3. I love Danny travel report. Gorgeous photos. We have made many road trips to Germany, but this castle is unknown to us. Once we drank expensive coffee in Liechtenstein. 🙂

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