Being British


Wednesday, 24th May was a special day for me.

After living in London, UK for 30 years,

I have finally become a British citizen.

On Wednesday

I attended the official ceremony in the Town Hall

and my British Citizenship started from this day.


I am very proud to be British as well as German now.


Come and enjoy a very British cup of tea with me!

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  1. 😘congratulations dear Ute – at last! Where was the ceremony? I still remember the day when my then husband arrived back at the house from his office bringing with him my British passport etc . But sadly in those days I was not able to keep dual nationality – and it was the German government who did not permit this, despite my husband being a senior British diplomat. Has it changed now? Do you have both? And btw, yes I would like a cup of tea with you😉

    • Carina, yes it has changed since my children were born, as I thought when they are 18 they have to decide what to be. They have both naturally being born in Britain with a German mum. Germany does allow it and I am like my boys now, both! It is too hard to give one up. The ceremony was in the local town hall and really lovely done. Enjoy the tea! 🙂

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, liebe Ute. Eine Tasse Tee nehme ich gerne, aber wenn, dann wirklich “british”, also wie ich meine mit Milch bitte.

  3. Wow ! That was unexpected ! Well done dear Ute ! At least now you don’t have the worry of wondering that you might be thrown out of the UK when Brexit is done and dusted 🙂 ❤

      • Great minds think alike I reckon Ute.
        I am not going for Spanish nationality as I am too organised and would not fit in to the Spanish government’s way of thinking. So when Brexit bites I may get thrown out of Spain and I might ask you for a reference if I have to return to the UK, ‘cos at the UK border they are bound to think I am an illegal immigrant and put me on a plane to Mongolia. I wouldn’t want that ! lol 🙂 ❤

  4. Congratulations! Gratulation! What a beautiful day you had for the ceremony – and we both thought we recognized that lady looking over your right shoulder in your Town Hall picture (cue God Save the Queen music …). We are both very happy that you have shared this good news with everyone. Good show! – We’ll raise our teacups to you later on today. –Kim & Steffi in Hamburg

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