Wheatbag for Warmth – DIY


For a simple heat source,

a Wheatbag is the best idea.


I have two and cannot live without them.

They heat up within minutes in the microwave and give warmth for a long time.

They do not get cold like hot water bottles but keep the warmth of the body.

I love to heat up the bed with them in Winter.


And here is how I made them:

Use some leftover material you like and sew up a small square

like a pillowcase.

( 20cm by 20cm or 8 inches by 8 inches).

Leave it open on one side.

Buy some Barley from the store


and fill the bag with about 1 kg Barley.

Once the Barley is in

sew the remaining side together,

and your bag is ready.

I also made some covers for mine, just like a pillowcase,

so  the bag itself stays clean.and

I can wash it from time to time.





When you need some warmth,

put the Wheatbag into the Microwave for 2 or 3 minutes

and enjoy the warmth coming from it

on your legs, on your feet, everywhere.

It can be used for aches and pains too, i.e. like stomach pains, etc

They are very versatile

and can be used cold too.

I have made some small ones (10 cm by 10 cm)

as they fit nicely into a bag into the freezer as ice packs for any injuries.

wb5 wb6

You can if you like  put a bit of lavender inside too and it keeps smelling lovely too. I do like the smell of heated barley though.


Enjoy the warmth!



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    • Really, everyone in my family has a self made one from me. I did sell the odd one on table top sales too. As they are soft they are brilliant for children too. Definitely recommendable. ♥

  1. I love the idea. They might make good gifts, too, though it would be good to know of any preferences regarding fragrance or lack of fragrance. We’ve used them for stomach and muscle aches. The weather where we live is so temperate that we never thought about using them as bedwarmers but I can see how that could be a great idea.

    • Russ, visit the cold and wet London and you know why I love them….. A tin of Californian Warmth would be welcome too 🙂
      Guess you never experienced a really cold bed…. hehe
      I actually use a little one as a cold bag in school as first aid, for little bumps or injuries in the face. The children like it as it is soft but still like an ice pack.

  2. We have two pillows with buckwheat in them – very comfy but each is too large to heat up. Love your smaller version idea with barley. Also, I’ve seen versions sold with cherry pits inside! And here in Hamburg we’re still definitely in “warm bed” mode. Thanks for sharing, Ute. – Kim & Steffi in Hamburg

    • Kim, you are right, cherry pits do it as well, but I don’t know if you can buy them, and they are bigger than barley. I am sure you need to keep the bed warm too! 🙂

  3. They are really good. I used to have one years ago, goodness knows where it went. I found that the smell took a bit of getting used to, but still, it keeps your feet warm.
    Happy Monday dear Ute 🙂 ❤

  4. Thank you for this. I have some microwave heating pads that I bought and they are great and really help when my Restless Leg Syndrome starting getting out of control. Now, I’ll kknow how to make my own. But where can I find the barley,in the grocery store or a feed store? Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

  5. Oooo.. this is lovely! I don’t have winter over here but I can make some and send it to my friends over in Germany!! Great post. Love it, love it, love it!!

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