Snow… yay…..gone



Many of other countries and cities have snow regularly in Winter.

London, UK doesn’t.


Yesterday it rained really heavily,

then I couldn’t hear it any more,

looked out


it snowed. 

Snow in London!

How exciting.

A little bit stayed on the car roofs.

The children in school were so excited , some of them had never seen snow before.

One child came to the first aide saying he got a snowflake in his mouth. Bless him.

Well, by the time I wanted to take a picture it was all gone.

I said it was a news FLASH, 🙂

gone in a flash….

… so we just look at the lovely snow pictures again.


Keep warm!


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  1. What a neat treat! I believe we’ve gotten a sprinkling of snow where I live in the South Bay Area of California about once every twenty years. Once, I was recovering from lung surgery and saw snow out my window. To experience it I dragged myself out of bed and went outside in bare feet (I couldn’t lean over to put slippers on due to the extreme pain). I’m not saying it was smart, but I believe in taking advantage of experiences, especially ones that only happen every twenty years.

    • Russ, no not a smart move at all after lung surgery. But as you say if it only happens every 20 years or so….. you think you have to experience it. I do understand! 🙂

  2. I remember well what a treat it used to be on those rare occasions when it snowed in London – provided that you did not have to struggle in to the office of course!

    • Yes Liz the thing in London is , that everyone panics because of the snow and everything breaks down.. .trains, buses, cars etc. ( We had to go to school with half a meter snow in Germany and it was always fun. Nowadays if htere is too much snow children are not allowed in the payground for health and safety reasons. How times have changed. But we didn’t have much anyway so the children could go out and feel it, I am glad!

      • I know exactly what you mean. I saw a funny post on Facebook recently that said something like ‘In this bad weather, Southerners, do not travel unless your journey is essential. Northerners – you’ll need your big coat’! Lol 🙂

  3. Wow! Snow in London. New snow is beautiful. Here in Colorado, USA, we get snow frequently, but we still love to watch new snow floating to the ground and love the pure white effect on the ground and trees. We found you through Manny the Bear and Justin Beaver. We will keep reading, looking for Danny. Stay warm in London.

    • That is nice to meet a friend of Manny. Danny is warm in his bear fur and curls up in his cosy basket with a little duvet he got from Manny’s mum. He might want to do a post on it, who knows….. thanks for being here and commenting! 🙂

  4. That is the same for me here in Atlanta Georgia. Last week all systems shut down anticipating a huge ‘Winter snow’ and in my area there was hardly any evidence of the snow falling. I was jealous of my friends living in areas where the snow sticks around for a couple of days. Your pictures are always crystal clear. Thanks for sharing

  5. My kids were excited at the thought of going out in the snow. Makes them sound like 8 and 10 rather than 18 and 20 lol. They stood watching the blizzard we had, then next morning only a couple of white patches on roofs opposite showed any clue that there had been any snow. They were very disappointed.

  6. Ha ha! Lovely! While you are excited about snow, I am excited that we had a few milder days and some rain, now our snow is almost gone! But it will be back, winter isn’t over yet.

    ❤ carmen

  7. LoL … awe… snoOow cute about the kid going to first-aid for a snowflake!
    Even after all these years surrounded by snow, it still thrills me to catch
    a few fresh melt-in-your-mouth flakes of wintery magic! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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