Weekly Smile #47


Our two monkeys,

Mr Flibble and Mr Nelson

are best friends since they met.


as you can see they are still hanging around

looking out for each other.

They make me smile.

smile 4

Best friends make the good times better

and the hard times easier.



Good coffee is a pleasure

good friends are a treasure.



Thank you for always being here,

your friendship is precious to me.


The weekly smile is brought to you from  Trent’s world.

Stop by and share your smile!



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  1. For a second there I thought you had actual pet monkeys! LOL. Happy Thanksgiving-Day of Gratefulness. Today celebrates gratitude as the pathway to wholeness, allowing and joy for ourselves and others. The light we shine brings illumination and love to each of us. Hugs from Hamburg, Ute. Thank you for sharing your smile with us. -Kim & Steffi

  2. Hello 20 boutique boutique (this Dragon 12 voice to typing program will get your name right one of these days). Try again. Hello Ute 🙂

    I wonder what these two monkeys get up to when you are not at home 😉

    I hope you are having a lovely weekend my friend. Raining here.

    Ralph xox ❤

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