Weekly Smile #46


How fast time goes, another week gone

and I hope you smiled all the way!

smile 4

My smile went bigger this week

when I saw my seeds growing finally.

I had collected seeds from different Palm trees and






Hoping they grow big and strong for me

so I can put my hammock in between and relax….




Well in 15 years time perhaps…..hehe






The weekly smile is brought to you from Trent’s world.

Stop by and share your smile!



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  1. Wonderful! They grow like weeds here with seeds carried by the wind, but I planted an Ancient Bristlecone seed pod from a 5000 year old tree. It is there in the soil and probably will not grow here and if it does it will take 300 years to reach six feet! We always seen to want value we don’t have!

    • That is true Cindy. We don’t really have palm trees here in London so I am extremely happy that it grows. I need to look after it very carefully in winter now so that they survive. It would be amazing if something comes out of your seed even if you don’t see it 6 feet tall though. It is great to try to grow different plants.

    • Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I can imagine the colour is beautiful of Maples. We have a lovely golden yellow lime tree outside on the road. As it is colder the leaves are dropping fast though. Autumn is a beautiful season!

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