Holiday time


In August I went on holiday to different places for short periods.

( Mallorca- Spain and Germany)

In Mallorca the palm trees were my favourite, ( see here)

In Germany the lakes for swimming were super.


This is the dress I bought in Mallorca.

With Spanish temperatures in Bavaria I could wear it again.


Here is the proof….. I went into this lake too….


yes, I did go deeper and swam, it was so refreshing.

What a view of the blue sky …… under the shade of a tree.



The flowers with all the different vibrant colours always bring a spectacular show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I also have learnt how to make the best latte or cappuccino, with frothy milk.



Goes really well with a slice of Black Forest Gateau.sst


Life is good!

Enjoy every moment!

I do!

love life

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  1. Das Kleid steht dir sehr gut. Wenn man den Beitrag liest und die Bilder anschaut, dann sieht man, dass du einen wundervollen Urlaub gehabt hast.

  2. Wow ! A palm reading Lady of the Lake. What could be better for an August holiday ? Glad you had a great time Ute.
    You are better off back in the UK at the moment as it is Ralph cooking weather here in southern Spain, over 40° C. Boy it is hot ! ❤

      • Oh boy, cardigans already ? Ronda hit 48° C yesterday, but today must be cooler as finally a cool breeze has returned with a blue sky today 🙂 ❤

      • Wow that is roasting…. I remember Ronda being hot when I was there…but that is almost Sauna weather. I can imagine the siesta is very long then, how can anyone work in that heat. Glad you have AC!

    • Thank you so much. Actually you are right, I could wear it with leggings, never thought of it. I can wear it more often than just in hot weather then. Thanks, great tip. Enjoy Seattle! Sure we get to see some pictures form there too! 🙂

  3. Hello Ute.

    Very nice dress! We visit quite often in Germany. There so much to see, beautiful places for visits and to me best “Autobahnen” with no speed restrictions! Thank You for this post.

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