Spanish Beauty


We found this Spanish flower

in Mallorca.

Google tells me: it is a Bougainvillea

and can grow here in a conservatory too!

It is fascinating with 3 dark pink leaves

and 3 white tiny blossoms inside.

What a marvel!

Sit back and enjoy!

alcudia aug 2016 (64)


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  1. We have dozens and dozens of potted boungainville here at home, which is California Back in the Philippines, it’s very common. I didn’t know it wasn’t common. It’s a hardy plant and doesn’t need much watering ( about 2 or 3x a week, good for drought ). We have yellow, and white and tripled petalled varieties, too. Although , it needs to be protected from frost, or temp lower than 40 F

    • That is why it does not grow in Europe because of the too harsh winters, and Spain not much rain, it can survive there with watering. I am sue the other colours are as equally beautiful! Thank you!

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