Piece of Paradise


As you can read on my last post a beach makes me happy.

That is mainly because – for me – a beach has to have palm trees and I loooove them.

I have had the great opportunity to go to a beach in the north of Mallorca.

I saw many palm trees , all different ones:

short palm trees

alcudia aug 2016 (12)

tall palm trees

alcudia aug 2016 (26)

thin palm trees

alcudia aug 2016 (62)

thick palm trees

alcudia aug 2016 (11)

romantic palm trees….

alcudia aug 2016 (6)


and I love them all, I just wanted to hug them all!

alcudia aug 2016 (59)alcudia aug 2016 (52)


I’ll leave you with some other beautiful breath taking views:


alcudia aug 2016 (74)



alcudia aug 2016 (111)


alcudia aug 2016 (105)




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      • Dear Ute,
        Thank you for those beautiful pictures and all the palm tree hugging.
        I had heard rumours that Mallorca is so much more than “Ballermann 6” … Great to see some evindence, here! 😉
        Good to know that you enjoyed your holidays.
        Much love,

      • It is beautiful and the coast so picturesque. There were lots of Germans there, for me the first time and I loved it! Thanks

    • Why not?????, Well we collected seeds and I try it in my garden now…. Got enough seeds for a Palm forest, hehe. Who knows some might sprout. I remembered lots from my Spain holiday 3 years ago, the countryside in Mallorca is so similar to your area.

      • By the time you have retired Ute, your forest in your tiny garden should look magnificent especially when you are among the trees practising your new career in Palm Reading. Boom, boom. It’s the way I tell ’em ! 😉 🙂 ❤

  1. What amazing photos, the best are with YOU in them! The view is breathtaking and I’m glad you’re enjoying the scenery as well as the beautiful palm trees, but I love seeing photos with you in them. Love your pants, lovely long legs! Your beaming smile shows what a good time you’re having in Paradise!

    ❤ carmen

    • Yes that is paradise for me. I love the heat and the palm so that was pure bliss. It looks like we are having another great hot week to the end of this week, when I visit my sister. Might just take my Mallorcan dress with me and you might get a picture of it too. 🙂 Haha my dance teacher keeps saying : lovely long legs , use them!

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