Hello August – Surprise


July has gone so quick with some really hot days and more not so hot.

August is here now and this is really summer and holidays, well for me.




Let’s hope August has many wonderful surprises for everyone in store.

Sometimes is nice to have no plans but let life surprise you.




You can …..

make a surprise visit,

surprise a loved one with a small gift,

give a surprise hug,

surprise someone you miss with a kind text message or phone call,

surprise someone to show them they are special to you.



Hope you have a lovely surprise!






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  1. Hello dear Ute! Wish I could show up at your doorstep some August evening and surprise you! Actually, I have thought of doing that to my cousin in Germany, and I’ve had reoccurring dreams that I do just that. I have a lot of dreams about Germany, so glad I had the opportunity to visit last August and it did surprise many people. Some I only rang up when I got there.

    Thank you for a hopeful post. Wishing you some pleasant surprises!

    ❤ carmen

    • Is it already a year ago that you went? Yes you are welcome any time and you would be such a great surprise. I would love to surprise you in Canada too, the area you show us in your blog looks just so beautiful. One day Carmen, hopefully. 🙂

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