My Garden Heaven


Come with me in my little garden.

Small but so enjoyable and beautiful.

Enjoy the small things and see the beauty in it.

My strawberries are coming so lovely this year.

GARDEN jUNE2016 (1)


They are bigger in size, as we had lots of rain,

still not quite red as we do not have enough sun, but…..

All things grow with love!

Slowly they are getting red though, see for yourself:


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I can see jam coming up….. ❤


Here are some other shots of my garden.


GARDEN jUNE2016 (13)

GARDEN jUNE2016 (17)

GARDEN jUNE2016 (15)

GARDEN jUNE2016 (14)

GARDEN jUNE2016 (18)


I love my garden and am very grateful for this little oasis.




Almost any garden,

if you see it at just the right moment,

can be confused with paradise.

Henry Mitchell



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  1. Oh Ute, Erdbeeren, Jam, Garden – all things I love and miss (weep!) But I so enjoy looking at your pictures every time. That little red Tricicle is just adorable and on your wall, to the very right, just under the blue butterfly, I see a white/silver heart – just like the one which always now hangs on our Christmastree 🙂 Carina

    • I am so happy Carina, that heart I think was actually for indoors as it gets a bit rusty, but I do like it there. That tricicle was a gift from someone who know I enjoy this lovely things in my garden. I am glad you can enjoy my garden with me!

      • I surely do, Ute. Jo just brought my phone to hospital so I can have some Ablenkung from all the needles poking into me. Since I wrote to you last I was in ICU, but going home tomorrow, don’t think I will be able to post this week thou. Liebe Gruesse

  2. What lovely strawberries you have grown Ute. I do hope that you get lots of summer sun to ripen them so that you can make lots of jam. Happy Sunday my friend 😀 ❤

    • Self made jam the best! Shhhh just whispering…… the sun is here at the moment… so are the clouds around, lets hope the strawberries get enough. 🙂

  3. I love strawberries! We had company today and I served fresh strawberries with sorbet, perfect for a very hot day!

    Leave room in the garden to dance!

  4. Wow, how beautiful garden You have. It is amazing. Strawberries we have to wait yet long time here in Finland! Here where I love our nights are short – less than two hours.

  5. Ahh, I love your garden, too, dear Ute… – And, of course, my balcony! 😉
    Thank you for giving us a little tour and introducing all your beautiful plant-friends to us!
    Much love,

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