My Charleston


As you all know I was practicing for

a Tap Charleston Performance

during the last year.



We now had our performance and it was a great success.

I loved it, having the Flapper dress on and

enjoy 6 minutes of the roaring 20’s.




I so enjoyed this performance.


Here is a little excerpt from the Charleston.




This picture is from the “Timber” Performance – Freestyle



This is from “All about the base” – Freestyle

tap3 tap2



We had such fun and enjoyed it.


Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! – Constanze



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    • Yes sometimes with other countries you tube is not that kind. Sorry, I had such a great time, I love it! thinking about a Charleston theme for my birthday… a 20’s party…hmmmmm ?

  1. Ute, what fabulous photos! And that video clip!! You have such talent. Well done. I am sure this must have taken a huge amount of hard work and practice, but it was certainly worth it. Xxx

  2. What everybody else said. 🙂 I think it doesn’t matter what you do (we all can’t be dancers) but find something to do! Enjoy it and have fun! Do something to make yourself laugh or make others laugh.
    I have about 40 coffee cups given to me by students over the years. All stored on a high shelf of the kitchen. I think I will get them down and use a different cup each day. Doesn’t that sound like fun? 😉

  3. YOU look fabulous Ute!!! Absolutely LOVE this post my dear dancing friend! The little video clip brought a smile to my heart! We’d have so much fun together Ute!

    Keep on dancing!!

    ❤ carmen

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