Treasure Hunt in London


We’ve been invited to take part on a treasure hunt

from work as a fun activity on Friday evening.

I joined and we met at Liverpool Street Station.

The hunt was around Shoreditch, a trendy place now.


London keeps changing constantly.

When I came to London this was not a place to be … now it is!

It was amazing and  I learnt more about my London.


Here are 2 facts:


Beigel Bake , a place which bakes bagels 24 hours a day

in the traditional  Jewish style with different fillings.

They apparently sell 7000 bagels a day!

Wow – Well it was busy when we passed it.


We found underground trains on top of an old bridge

which was knocked down as the railway lines were changed.






We found many trendy places to eat or hang out, all packed on a Friday night.

We had a fun evening and I will explore more in that area soon.


I love London!




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  1. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a trendy place that I had to look up the meaning. 😦 No, I definitely wouldn’t fit in there. lol But will enjoy reading about your adventure. 🙂

  2. What a cool town! Looks like you had a ton of fun! I love bagels (and bretzels). Nothing like authentic bagels (the traditional Jewish style) and authentic bretzels (the traditional German style)!!!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure!
    Happy Sunday!

    ❤ carmen

  3. beautiful artwork. I notice much later, how much life is moving before my eyes. Changes are happening every day. It is up to me to take part or not. I love the artwork

  4. I’ve heard mentions of Shoreditch a lot lately, my daughter is coming down this weekend with friends to celebrate her birthday 🙂 Nice post, Ute x

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