Hello March – Nature focus


March sounds almost like Spring already…



I have heard the most beautiful bird

singing this morning, to introduce March.

Daffodils are out.

So let’s

Notice the flowers start blooming.

Listen to the birds song

Enjoy the sunshine

Appreciate the lighter longer evenings,

Bring colour into your life in March…

 Buy flowers for someone,

 Put the red skirt/ trousers on,

Walk more, be conscious of the trees.

Enjoy the fresh air and smile.


Wishing you all a wonderful March !



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  1. Personally I just love Autumn. Around here I am waiting for my Golden silk orb-weavers to show up. They always arrive when Autumn is on its way. I have one in the house and it made it’s web under the lamp shade, but it’s still a baby and will take it outside when it’s fully grown. 😀

    Wishing you a lovely March as well Ute. ♥

      • It sure is and if we had snow like you do, I am sure we would look forward to Spring as well, so I don’t blame you at all. 😀

  2. You are blessed Ute! We here in Ontario are still waiting for spring. We just had another snow storm (as you saw on my blog). I’ll let you know when if it arrives. The time-lapse daffodil is beautiful to watch!


    ❤ carmen

    • Yes I saw your snow on your blog. Keep warm with your lovely scarf and gloves. It will warm up soon for Spring I am sure. Well something to look forward to. Thank you Carmen

  3. Where I am it is autumn but it has still been really hot as if Summer still. Though today it rained and the air was humid. I appreciated the rain and the fresh air as I had been stuck indoors ill for a week and what a difference being able to enjoy outside again. I have been inspired to begin my blog again and I appreciate that you liked my post so I though I would comment here. I would be happy if you shared your nature experiences on my blog if you felt inclined to or any poems or anything at all really. keep smiling.

    • Thank you very much for your lovely comment. It is lovely to be outside and see the little animals and plant which bring so much pleasure. glad you are back to blogging again! 🙂

  4. Happy March, Ute 🙂 We’ve been wearing t-shirts outside, since our snow all melted a week ago… Today it is snowing again and we are already blanketed in white on this first full day of spring! :-/ ♥ ❤

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