Spring ?


It is still quite cold here and heating comes on at times.

However I have seen signs of Spring!

daffodil (2)


Enjoy the little beauties coming through

wherever you are

and smile on your way!



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  1. Schön, so ein Frühlingsbote. Gestern hatten wir herrliches Frühlingswetter und heute ist wieder alles trübe und es regnet. Na ja, warten wir halt noch eine Weile 🙂

  2. At least you are the spring side of winter now Ute. The almond blossom has been and gone here in southern Spain. The temperature is rising with sunny days in which the house sparrows are starting to build their huge nests in my roof gutters. Noisy lot ! 😀 ❤

  3. That is a beautiful flower. We have nothing like that appearing here as of yet. We have had some warmer temps, but tomorrow to be nasty with 7-10 inches of snow

  4. The photo shows a very beautiful sign of the fact that spring is on its way … we are having bad weather in Italy at the moment, but let’s hope that in a few days … 🙂

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