January – Oups


January is almost gone.

Did you find some beauty in this month?

What were your highlights?

hot chocolate

A cup of hot chocolate when you needed it?

Did you spot a flower coming through?

We had some wonderfully crisp cold mornings

with amazing blue sky and sunshine.

Beautiful evening lights reflecting on the little lake (on my way to dance lessons.)

The birds are singing their arias from the trees in the mornings.


I have finished 2 x 1000 piece jigsaws; one even glows in the dark.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have a new lodger/friend; Oups, yes he moved in 🙂

I have shown you some drawings of Oups before

and I love him so much I got him to move in with me!


He brings me love and happiness.

He loves relaxing – anywhere

oups3 oups4

Thomas loves him


He loves hugs



Hope you had a good January,

let me know what beauty you found in this Winter month.


Please find Oups  on Oups .com for more inspiration.

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  1. Hi Ute, good morning 🙂

    I too, love Jigsaws! I prefer the ones that shows the New York City Skyline or everything that is inside the city that no sleeps. Have many of them!

    Have a great weekend Ute!
    Hugs, Susi

      • I don’t have much room for ‘real’ jigsaws at the moment, so I make up for it by doing them on my iPad from time to time. You can get some great pictures 😀

    • Hi Ute!

      Yes, Oups’ happy energy somehow reminds me of the vibes of our Benny Bears. (My/ our little “Benny family” unexpectedly got bigger, this Christmas, too… [https://www.bennybaer.de/])
      I bet Oups is happy to live with you, now, and the two of you will have lots of fun and joy!

      You have been busy with those jigsaws! The one with the wolf looks impressive, especially as it glows in the dark, but the one with the books looks like it was even more challenging to assemble…

      The beauty of January – one of them – was, that I started to discover a new kind of strength or power within me and that I manage to peacefully live in the moment better and better. 🙂

      Thank you for another lovely, inspiring post!

      Much love,

      • Steffi this is good to know, you will discover more about you all the time. We keep learning! The bear is sweet. Very huggable. Wishing you a great February.

  2. Trying to find some good in the month whilst wading through the deaths of superstars.
    Paul Kantner – Jefferson Airplane
    Abe Vigoda
    Glenn Frey – The Eagles
    Dan Haggerty – Grizzly Adams
    Alan Rickman
    David Bowie

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