Hello January – updates


My Computer was infected with a nasty virus, I had a cold too….

I couldn’t see and read all blogs I wanted,

so please accept my apologies for my rare appearance lately.


virus joke

My cold is gone and the computer virus got the boot too,

thanks to my wonderful son who knows IT in and out.


You might remember that I had started to knit an Icelandic style jumper.



Well it is ready now… and due to being a warm Winter,

I had not needed it anyway.

So now I am waiting for the cold….




Also I am practicing my Charleston for February,

so why not do it in the right dress!

Sneak preview here:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


 I received a Salt Crystal Lamp from my sister and it is so beautiful,

I have to show it to you all!



It aids to my meditation and brings calmness and beauty into my home.


Now it is time to enjoy January!

Look out for the beauty of the month!



I’ll show you my findings at the end of the month.



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  1. How cute you look for the Charleston thingy.
    Sorry about your virus. But at least you did something useful while waiting for your son to fix it. 🙂 I use Linux so never get a virus so don’t have to wait. Of course I don’t have to break from the computer to do anything useful either. 😦

  2. I’m delighted to read so much good news in this update, Ute! Your new year is off to a great start. I also enjoyed your fun in-period dress “Charleston” photos Icelandic style jumper, and salt crystal lamp.

  3. Love the cartoon Ute, but it’s no fun when viruses hits both the computer and your nose. Glad both are better 😀
    Love the jumper as well. Looks really complicated to do.
    Love your dancing outfit. Have fun 😀 ❤

    • The jumper grew during watching “Strictly come dancing” – an hour at a time it goes quick. Love dancing as you know, specially the Charleston! Thanks my friend!

  4. Sorry to hear that you and your pc had a nasty virus Ute but I am very glad to hear it’s all sorted out. It certainly does help to have in-house IT technicians. I have 3 of them. 😆

    I am absolutely in love with that sweater. Gorgeous! 😀

    You are going to be a star doing the Charleston Ute. I think Fred Astaire is going to be sorry he can’t be there. He would have loved you. ♥

    • Thank you very much Sophia, I am rather proud of that jumper actually. I would have loved to dance with Fred…. and get some handy tips and tricks for new steps. Well on our performance my dance teacher put me at one stage to the front, as the others are scared, so that will be my minute of fame, I love it. As I love the Charleston so much I am happy to be in the front. My sister said people won’t look at my feet but at my dress and feather in the hair, so they won’t see any mistakes… see … easy! 🙂

      • I think it’s gorgeous and you look so dazzling in it Ute. I bet Fred would have loved to dance with you as well and I am sure you could have taught him a few tricks. 😀

        Of course you should be in the front. You are going to blow them all away with your performance. I do hope you will put up a video of it so I can see. I would really love to. 😀

      • I need to get someone to film it… and then maybe… tonight more practice! Thanks for your wonderful words! I could hug you! 🙂

      • I do hope you do get someone to film it for you. More practice can never hurt. anyone and you’re very welcome. I really mean it. Hug away. LOL! ♥

  5. Happy New Year Ute! Glad you and computer are on the mend after the recent viruses. Enjoyed your knitting, great dancing and beautiful salt lamp in this post. I had forgotten about those lamps after seeing one at a party years ago. Good reminder to shop again for one. Love a fresh new month in a fresh new year. I’m starting 2016 by clearing out closets, deleting old emails etc. Thanks for all your great comments on my blog posts over the years, and for good reviews about my book. Starting to see more reviews of it on Amazon which is nice. Look forward to hearing great reviews about your February dancing too. 🙂

    • Yes it is good to clear out in the new year and have a fresh start, and new start with some things. Your book is great and it helped me a lot, I have a wonderful man in my life and I am very happy! 2016 will be a great year, I know! Glad you like the lamp, it is beautiful. Wishing you a fabulous new year Cathie, stay smiling and enjoy the moments!

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