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Happy New Year 2016


I wish for a peaceful world

love and kindness all round.


Plant love …


Love knows

we are one world!


Wishing all my friends all over the world

a wonderful and happy new year!

May it be love filled,

and full of happy memorable moments!




Thank you for being with me in 2015

bringing me happiness, smiles and inspiration.

Sending you all much love!


Images from Oups and sketches in stillness

Happy Christmas 2015


May your Christmas be 

wrapped with love

tied up with fun

and filled with health and happiness.

xmas 12

I wish for people to have peace,

to feel love,

to be kind to each other… not just at Christmas

and to send kindness forward.


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!

xmas 15

Sending you all my love

be richly blessed,

and thank you for your friendship over the years!


For you!


tolle 3

Steffi from The Kokopelli bee free blog had this idea.

We all go through ups and downs in our life and sometimes need some help which is not always straight there.  So we can help each other.

Please check out her post here

Steffi writes:

“Let’s create an archive of tips and ideas about what helps us in difficult times.  Let’s share our experience and insights.  Let’s create a place where we and others can go and find inspiration from all over the world to make it through this time of shifts.”

I know that all my blogging friends do help me with happiness in my life with reading your blogs and comments I find lots of inspiration there.

Lets give the gift of inspiration to each other , helping and encouraging each other through our blogs.

Francois from Sketches in Stillness drew a picture to my favourite quote from Groucho Marx


So this is my gift to you-

1. Wake up thankful.

2. Visualise your day in a positive way.

3. Set a bit of time apart for a small meditation.

4. Read some positive quotes.

5. Practice kindness all day long.

6. Be mindful all day.

7. Don’t forget to smile.

8. Go to bed grateful and count your blessings.

 tolle 1

You can find more inspiration form a website called Mindbodygreen which has amazing tips in any area of life. I love that site. You can save your favourite articles for later or a read them again.

  tolle 2

I hope this is helpful and inspiring for you, please join and send your tips via blog to us.

More links:

Steffi’s pinterest board is here: Instant help

Mine is here Quotes

I am so excited…


I am so excited…

it is snowing

on my blog!


Now I can really get into the mood for Christmas.

I love the season and enjoy the dark nights.

Sitting by a candle,

have a freshly made cup of open herbal or fruit tea,

and knit or just dream….

singing Christmas songs from my choir…


Wishing everyone a peaceful and love filled Advent time!