Simple and beautiful


Look at this beautiful little plant.

Sept 15 (20)

Isn’t it a pretty, delicate, little flower, perfectly formed, presenting its yellow and purple colour.

Yes, it is a simple potato plant.

The simplest things are sometimes the most beautiful ones.

Not only orchids deserve mention and being photographed for their beauty.

It is the same with people.


Everyone is beautiful.

We are all different but all beautiful.

Everyone is unique,

Everyone is outstanding,

Everyone deserves the same love.



Sending love to all my beautiful friends! 

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  1. That’s a fact Ute and it all depends on how we look at things. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. The potato plant flowers sure are gorgeous and I love the photo you took. It’s gorgeous! 😀

    We should all realise just how beautiful we are and remember that every day. Thanks for the reminder. 😀

    ♥ Love and Hugs ♥

    • Indeed Sophia, it is clear that we all have other ideas of beauty but there is so much around we don’t see as we don’t look consciously. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Hugs ♥

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