Street Art in London


London has more than just all the tourist sites to offer….

I went on a Street Art Tour in London the other day and was amazed what I saw.

It was like a walk through London’s largest living art gallery.

We had a super, very knowledgeable tour guide and it was great fun.

The tour was well managed and was enjoyed by everyone. I can only recommend it!

It shows very different views of London’s back streets. around Old Street.

Do you remember this?

Now, I know it was a street Artist called Art is Trash who did this.

Art is Trash

Art is Trash

Street Art is different to graffiti,

Street artists want to communicate with the public, make the neighbour hood nicer and also want to express certain views or highlight some social relevant issues.

Here is a taster.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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  1. What a lovely idea. Some of these artists are really so imaginative Ute and a tour like this sounds so exciting. 😀

    I couldn’t see the taster either. It just wouldn’t load. 😦

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