His Holiness The Dalai Lama – in London


I have had the fortune to see His Holiness The Dalai Lama,

when he visited London yesterday.

He talked about compassion,


love and affection

and ended with a question and answer session.


“Compassion is a marvel of human nature,

a precious inner resource

and the foundation of our well-being

and the harmony of our societies.”

The Dalai Lama


It was fascinating to listen to his wisdom directly in his spoken words.



2 monks made a peace Mandala with coloured sand all day outside.

I managed to see it at the end stage.


The Dalai Lama likes to laugh and has a wonderful smile.


“The first step toward living a happy life

is to treat every other human with kindness.

There are several steps after that,

but I can’t remember right now. “



It was an amazing experience!



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  1. I attended a talk the Dalai Lama gave in Christchurch some time ago. Your post reminds me of that wonderful experience. I am so glad you were able to see and listen to him. Especially to see his smile and hear his laugh.

  2. What an experience that must have been Ute and you took such gorgeous photos. I love his quotes and wisdom and he seems like such a nice man. Thanks for sharing. 😀 ♥

  3. What a wonderful experience and how grand that you share it with us, dear Ute!

    “The first step toward living a happy life
    is to treat every other human with kindness.
    There are several steps after that,
    but I can’t remember right now. “

    – I love that and it describes very well how I perceived him when I saw him in Hamburg (Germany) some years ago. While some of the German organizers were talking rather lengthily about the teachings of His Holiness he himself was busy with picking his toes and exchanging happy smiles and waves with some children as well as a little dog. Such authenticity and happiness – I have rarely seen this to that degree in people at all. Fond memories.

    I agree, he has the most wonderful smile!

    Much love :),

    • I can imagine how he was while others talked in German. He is funny and loves to laugh, it was so great to hear his chuckle and laugh. Luckily he speaks English and for those Tibetan words he didn’t know he asked his translating monk behind him and repeated it as it was said. We could understand him well. He radiates calmness, and wisdom with just being there. I admire this man. He got a cake presented at the end still for his 80th birthday and he had a piece straight away so his translator and organiser. Then he chuckled – “oh his piece is bigger….”
      It is something we will remember always!

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