News and travel


Firstly here

 a new coffee shop I found yesterday on my travels on the bike.


coffe shop Marsh lane


It used to be a rundown house , derelict and look what glorious plants are painted on the wall.

The window is painted on too.



I am ready for my next adventure, all packed, got my passport, got money and ready to fly off.


I am so excited to see a new country.

ready for travel (1)


Can you guess where I am going?


travel1  travel2



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  1. What a beautiful coffee shop and I absolutely adore those murals! Excellent job done there for sure Ute. 😀

    I can see you and Danny are quite excited. You must have lots of fun. ♥

  2. What a delightful coffee shop you found Ute! It would be a pleasure to meet you there for coffee some afternoon! Have a great time in Iceland!!

    Bon Voyage!!

    ❤ carmen

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