Love and Hate challenge


Sewingfeet has nominated me for this Love and Hate challenge.

The Love/ Hate challenge is quite simple really,

you just name 10 things you love and 10 things you hate, then nominate other bloggers.

What I love in no particular order in pictures:



There are many more things I love …. but that would make the post very long!




My hates in pictures:


I can’t think of more, so I leave it at that.


Not everyone likes doing challenges so if you like to do the challenge

just do it and consider yourself nominated.

Just for  fun!

My advise for today:







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  1. Also endorsing book shops, chocolate and sunshine but not all at the same time x along with celery I’m not a fan of the dentist or a lack of authenticity. Thanks for flinging yourself into the task and your illustrated response 😀 TTS

  2. I love everything you love Ute (especially chocolate and dancing!) and will do this challenge when I get back to Canada. Not much time or opportunity now to be online.

    Wishing you chocolate and sunshine!

    ❤ carmen

  3. Change the book store to a music store & I’m right with you on the likes! 😉
    As for the hates – evil, liars, abuse, violence, war, hate, intolerance…

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