3 Years -Thank You


3 years and my blog is still running with the help and support of


my lovely people whom I love and  cherish.

I couldn’t do it without you.

A heartfelt and emotional thank you to all of you from the very first followers 3 years ago to the very new ones.

Everyone is welcome to a little oasis of calm and reflection, beauty, positivity  and music.

This blog gives me all that and more with your comments and your love I feel.




So today I let you take in the beauty with photos I took last week in Germany (big thank you to my wonderful sister and her beautiful garden)


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Austrian Mountains

Austrian Mountains




 Wishing you a wonderful day and many hugs to all my cyber friends!

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from Ute  ♥♥♥

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  1. You are so awesome! There is no way I could leave your blog fall behind. The photos are beautiful like you and a big congratulations!!!

  2. It’s been lovely to have you around for the last couple of years, you’ve supported me and I have loved reading your blog – this is what it’s all about. We might not be “face to face” friends but we understand each other and in many cases that’s all that we need to do the job ahead of us, our lives are as exciting as we make them and our blogs show our ups and downs but it shows the real us. We’re going to be fine, in fact, we’re already great!!!! Thank you (PS. Love the photos)

    • Thanks very much my friend, yes it is lovely to hear from each other and share the ups and downs, feels better together! We are going to be fine, we are amazing! ♥

  3. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Blog-Geburtstag, liebe Ute!
    Danke für die vielen tollen, inspirierenden und aufmunternden Beiträge. Mögen noch viele weitere folgen!

    Die Fotos aus dem Garten Deiner Schwester sind soo schön… ❤

    Lieben Gruß aus Hamburg,

    • Vielen Dank Steffi. I liebe blogging und werde noch weitehin bloggen und hoffe moch mehr Leute erfeuen. Meine Schwester hat einen so schoenen Garten! Ich liebe ihn auch !

  4. Congratulations x I especially love the ox-eye daisies. Daisies were chosen as the symbol for Devon Recovery, working with people with mental health problems 😀 TTS

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