Wishing you a wonderful Pentecost weekend and a relaxing holiday if you have one.

relax 1

Thomas knows how to relax!

So does Squirrel!

relax 2


Wind down,

enjoy nature,


clear your mind,

and relax!



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  1. Sure would be nice to chill like that – eh?
    Fenway is good at chillin’ too. 😀

    We observed Memorial Day yesterday. So – I had an extra day off work. It was a nice day off considering that I had been sick last week & throughout the weekend. Now I need a weekend to get things done that I couldn’t get done because I didn’t feel well. My house looks like it got hit by a tornado twice.

    Hope you had a nice weekend Ute.

      • LOL – Sounds like a good plan. 😉
        Doing much better by now & hoping for a nice weekend. Lots going on – middle child’s bday & my son’s graduation from HS. A day of celebration!
        Have a fab weekend dear Ute.

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