Spring to Life


Spring has truly sprung and is giving us all a spring in our steps.

I have been visiting my mum and on our walks we saw the most colourful flower displays in the parks. It is warmer and the sun is shining.


Isn’t this just beautiful,

sit with me….


…. stay a while and soak it all in….


… take a deep breath,

smell the Spring air…

and feast your eyes and your senses…

It is wonderful to rest a bit and enjoy the warm sunshine

seeing everything springing to life.

Look what someone did in their front garden.

fl5    fl4

What a lovely idea!

Today just a bit of rest and enjoyment for heart and soul!

Have a colourful and sunny day in your heart and all around you!

☼☼☼ Hugs ☼☼☼

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    • Yes , me too! So lovely, and I still hear that there is no water in California, no rain, and you so much need it . You can give us sunshine and we give you some water…. deal?

      • It’s coming on here Ute. The almond blossom has just been overtaken by the yellow gorse all over the mountains. Give Ronda another month or so as the town is quite high up and it’s still coldish here at night.

  1. Not only did you get to see your mom – but – you had a splendid walk together.
    Such beautiful flowers. Nice to see how others create unique floral displays.
    Have a great weekend!

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