Sky Garden



Over Easter, I visited the Sky Garden, the highest garden in the UK. It is on the 35th floor of a building called ” the Walkie Talkie” in London.

Security is high , just like on an airport.

It was amazing to walk around this exotic garden!

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It is free for the public but still needs to be booked and only open during working time, so I was happy to get tickets in the holidays.

Well worth going when you are in London!

skygarden2 skygarden1


It was wonderful to add this day to treasured memories.

Enjoy your day and see the beauty along the road!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the beauty!
    I love the bike. I think if I see a good deal on one at a thrift store – I might get one – paint it & use it as a planter too.

  2. I liked the bike too, Ute. I’m all for gardens, in the sky or otherwise 🙂 Hadn’t heard about the garden bridge so I’ll have to have a read. Happy weekend! 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous place! I just love that yellow bike and the Bird of Paradise flower. Ute, these shots are stunning! I also love the quotes. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us hon. 😀 ♥

    • Sandra, it is on top of the Walkie Talkie Building. It does not cost but you have to book for security reasons, you can do that on line! Well worth it. If you don’t like heights it might mot be so great though even though the view is amazing!

      • I will have to look up Walkie Talkie building. I don’t like heights, my day job is 7 stories about ground level and that’s hard enough. So will no doubt pass on it. I am more of an action that scenic girl, so if it’s only plants; then not going to be my thing. I thought it may be wildlife too, but once I saw the video, I realised this was not the case. Nice to see your video in the end though xx

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