Don’t take things for granted!


‘Wouldn’t it be great if we don’t even take simple things in life for granted.

Like having clean water when we open the tap…’

This is what my son said yesterday.

It comes after we lived for two weeks without a flushing toilet….just a bucket of water next to it.

Now again we have the luxury of pressing the convenient button to flush it again… yes pure luxury!


before  DSC_0301  and now  DSC_0313

The bathroom is not finished yet though….


Practicing gratefulness makes life much more amazing and full of miracles.


be thankful 3




What are you thankful for today ?

What is your miracle for today?

Wishing you all a  happy and safe Sunday!

♥Hugs ♥

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    • Thank you , yes, still lots to do but that is more the nicer stuff like painting , putting cupboards together and the mirror cabinet. then I can choose a canvas to hang up too! .. It’s exciting! 🙂

  1. So true dear Ute! I thank God every time I turn on the tap. There was a time I lived in Costa Rica and we didn’t have water for days. When we lived in an apartment in Toronto, there were many times that the water was turned off for the day for repairs. While living in a flat in Scotland, the ceiling collapsed in the bathroom and it was several weeks before I could take a bath. I could only wash up in the sink (but don’t tell anybody). I am very grateful for so many conveniences: both luxuries and necessities!

    I made a little collage for International Women’s Day of some of the women I admire and inspire me! I hope you like the photo I chose of you.

    Thank you for being part of my blogging adventure!!

    ♥ carmen

    • Yes my bathroom is now luxury for us as we had to do with very little fr a while. Thank you for being here and a great blogging friend, I saw your lovely post and thank you so much for including me! Hugs ♥

  2. Every morning when I wake up, I have a list in my mind that I am grateful for and during the day, I see all those things on the list and it makes me more grateful. What does upset me sometimes is the fact that when people hear you talk about things like this and because you don’t walk around moaning and groaning about everything, they think that there’s nothing wrong in your world and some even become nasty because they’re envious. I wish those people would realise that people like us do have our own problems but we choose to be grateful. For when you’re grateful you concentrate on what makes you happy, not sad. We choose to count your blessings, not our problems.

    Excellent post Ute. I loved it. 😀 ♥

    • You are so right, and I totally agree with you. We are making the right choice though living with a grateful heart. I am grateful for you being around here! Thank you Sophia! ♥

      • As I am where you are concerned too Ute. Thanks for being such a dear blogfriend. 😀 ♥

  3. Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Ute!
    Those are wise words from your son. 🙂

    It looks like the renovation is quite a major undertaking! May it go smooth and happy for you and yours.

    To answer your questions:

    I am thankful for many things, today. One of them is the balcony time in the sun with my husband which we just enjoyed.

    Spontaniously, I would say my miracle for today is that a little robin approached the balcony twice for a test-visit while we were sitting outside. (We have some homemade, organic [and vegan] bird food out there which they love.)

    But I admit, the fact that we have fresh water available from the tab and a working toilet flush is a pretty good (and convenient!) one, too!

    Much love,

    • The thing is with the youngsters- until they don’t have something anymore they don’t realise how much they miss it. So it was a good lesson. I love your balcony miracle! I do hear the birds chirping again and it makes me very happy! Thank you Steffi!

  4. I was thankful yesterday, for the last cuddles with Daisy, before she died. I am thankful today, that I can upload a final video of her, that I took on the 2nd of March. I am thankful that I have had her in my life for over 3 years and that she got to live to see her third birthday on January 19th. Even though she was having veterinary treatment that day, for something different than the respiratory infection she died from. I am thankful to still have Chestnut and Snow and to be alive. I am also thankful to have you in my life as a fellow blogger and friend. Thanks Ute. xx

    • That is a lovely long list and I know how your guinea pigs are dear to you. I am sad to hear Daisy died. I am sure she was very happy to be your pet and so loved! Thank you my dear Sandra for being here as my blogger friend! Hugs x

      • It’s a pleasure to be your friend. Ypu are super awesome. At least I did everything I could for Daisy. Thank you for saying that.

  5. The little things….
    I remember from back in the day – when we visited my grandfather (in Mexico). Most houses in the ranch town where he lived had no bathrooms with toilets. They still had outhouses!
    My grandpa’s house was one of the few with a bathroom that had a toilet. And – i remember that there were always buckets of water lined up as you entered the bathroom. Because that was the only way to flush.

    • As I say to my sons… we have luxury! 🙂 I remember the big water jug at my aunt’s house, which I couldn’t lift as it was too heavy for me as a child! Thanks RoSy

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