Michelle’s Weekly Pet Share Week 71


A new logo and here I am taking part

weekly pet share

with a relaxing picture!

weekly pet share 1

Thomas and my son having a rest together…..


As life has started to be busy again,

I wish you all a relaxing week ,

just like Thomas,

take it easy and

enjoy a daily rest!

52 responses »

  1. Seems like Thomas knows which lap is the best to rest on. 😀
    Beautiful photo of the two of them Ute. Wishing you a great and restful day as well. ♥

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  3. Oh the pampered life of cats! I’m in Seattle. My daughter has three cats: Margo, Alice and Scarlet. They sleep, eat and play in their beautiful, elaborate catio (an outdoor enclosure they can explore going outside and inside freely, so they’re are safe from cars and coyotes, and the birds are safe too!).

    Thomas certainly looks content. I like you son’s shirt.

    ❤ carmen

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