Merry Christmas to all ! ♥


Wishing all my friends a peaceful and very happy Christmas!

This is for you , wrapped up love and hugs


The gift of love

the gift of peace

the gift of happiness,

May all these be yours this Christmas


Help yourself to some homemade biscuits


with a cup of hot chocolate.


Sit with me peacefully and enjoy!


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  1. Thank you dear Ute! The best gifts are treasures of the heart, not the things money can buy.
    Thank you for the gift of friendship!

    Happy Chrismas!! Frohe Weihnachten!!

    ❤ carmen

  2. Do you have any idea how super cool you are, Ute? Probably not, you’re much too sweet, humble and loving for that. Well you are. You’re special and, much cared for (I know) by many, deservedly so! Your blogs radiate gentle and joyous love, just exactly like you do! I am sure you had an excellent Christmas with your family and friends and I wish you just the very very best in the New Year, my very dear and special friend.

    I received your card and the beautiful words within. Thank you, from my heart.
    All my love to you,

    • Glad you did Penny. You are so dear to me and I wished I could give you a real hug and could sit with you having a gentle and peaceful time with tea. 🙂 My visit to my mum was wonderful and it made her so happy, which was all I desired. We sang and played music together, it was so good! Enjoy your break and much love form Ute ♥

      • I’m glad for your time with your mom. Those moments are so special and wonderful, Ute. Yes I too would love to sit over a cup of tea with you sharing time and conversation. Would be so cool. And yes on the real hug too ♥ xx

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