Have you seen the Orples?


May I introduce Olivia and Oskar, the Orples from the neighbourhood.

They travel round quite a bit so I thought they might like to visit London too.

See my favourite bridge – Tower Bridge which opens up for tall ships.

london towerbridge

Have a tasty picnic with me in Greenwich – help yourself Olivia and Oskar


or relax on the most beautiful bench!

greenwich bench

I have to admit I fell in love with the Orples and it would be great if they came to visit.

Olivia and Oskar you are always very welcome to play anywhere on my blog, please feel free and have fun.





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  1. Oh my Ute, you have Oscar dribbling all over himself this morning, LOL. I think he is falling in love himself, and Olivia is dancing around all excited that she, too, has a new playground. I’m sure the three of us will be seen you very soon. In the meantime, thank you for the introduction on your blog. Watch out!

    By the way, what a novel bench …. Hummm? We’ll see you soon— Hugs, Marcy

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