The ABC of genuine happiness – Z


The ABC of Genuine Happiness


Z – Zap Negativity

Oh yes,

Negativity brings you down, being with negative people all the time will make you feel negative and down. Let’s see life in a positive way.

Life is fantastic, it is what you make it and even on a bad day there is something positive at the end of the day. Even if it is something small. Seeing the small things and being grateful for it is the best way to find positivity in your life and surroundings. Enjoy your breath in the cold air,  enjoy being alive, enjoy the bird in the tree singing, enjoy the peaceful 5 minutes you get in a busy day, enjoy the hug you give.

Enjoy every moment. Every moment is precious!





… to be continued ….oh no it is finished.

This is the last post on the ABC of happiness and it is about positive attitude, I love it!

I had great fun doing this ABC and hope you all enjoyed it too!

I did start this in November last year, yes it has taken me a whole year 🙂




  Here is my Google service and now you know why it was slow….


Wishing you  a zazzy and zuper day!



Pictures from Google and Lynda Field .com

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  1. This will take some research to reply

    You have given us a zetabyte of Zeus’ zany zapataedo zooming our natural zoonomic zest.

    Well done Ut . I have really enjoyed this series.

  2. Love this – will have to go back and read your others. What you say is so true. I always start my day by being grateful for all I have and then those positive feelings stay with me all day!!

  3. Reblogged this on beatredundancyblues and commented:
    I love this post by my friend Ute. It is so important to be around people who make you feel great about yourself, who make you feel special and valuable in your own quirky right.

    If you want to beat redundancy blues, or indeed any blues, encourage and welcome all positivity into your life. Embrace every positive thing, however small, and write down 5 positive things about your life every day, to make you feel great and happy to be alive.

    • Thanks, yes that is my generation google… we had index cards in our library to see if a book was there or not…. nowadays no one know what that is and how it works. I used to do the hotel journal by hand too. And we did manage everything too… with a slower pace!

      • I told a grade 4-5 class that technology was a chalk and slate, when I was in grade 5. Straight through to the keeper.

        Another grade 5-6 class had a ‘Gold’ project to do when I had their class. Unfortunately they were unable to complete any of it that day because ‘the computers were down’. I pointed out that the library was ‘just through that door’. I would have had a better result if I had hit my head against a brick wall.

      • Actually sad that we rely so much on computers and they make us a bit lazy too. I admit I love them though too, but I still would do things by hand if the computer didn’t work.
        It’s a different world. 🙂

  4. These were the best blogs I have ever read!!!! I wish you would put them all into a book and I would be the first one in line to buy!!!! So uplifting and all of the speaking to the heart of our humanity!!! Thank you my friend from A to Z 🙂

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