Danny’s German time




At the airport in Stansted waiting for our plane… and here it comes already!

We went to see my mum’s mum in Germany and I could see my friends!

 reutlingen august 14 (2)

This is in the front garden, I loved this long grass!

reutlingen august 14 (3)

I met ‘Brauni’, he is my gran’s teddy and we enjoyed some  wonderful cuddle time together!

reutlingen august 14 (29) reutlingen august 14 (7)

This is “Petzi” my sister’s very old Steiff Teddybear… he must be about 53 years old…. oh yes I can see some grey hair…. hehe. He is lovely and still dressed in my mum’s old baby clothes. He has got plasters on his paws as the straw was falling out, but his heart is a pure loving teddy heart. We did have a great chat and a lovely time together…..and when mum wasn’t watching……. we got up to bit of mischief.

reutlingen august 14 (6)


I climbed all the bushes in the back garden…. lucky I had fur it was quite cold for August.

reutlingen august 14 (36) reutlingen august 14 (35)

This is the town and every time my mum visits they have changed the roads or put up new buildings. This tower is one of the old towers and part of the town wall which went all round the town. Opposite is the brand new Town festival hall. A very big building I thought.


reutlingen august 14 (23) reutlingen august 14 (14)


reutlingen august 14 (34)

At the end I found a picture of my mum being about 21 then… I couldn’t help myself and sneaked it in the post… hope she doesn’t notice!

reutlingen august 14 (44)

This is me on our way home again…. quite exhausted….

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  1. Wow! Looks like you had lots of fun Danny and such beautiful photo’s of the time with your lovely friends. Mom just got more beautiful over the years. 😀

      • I am sure you won’t. She is just as beautiful as you are Danny. I love bears. They are so cuddly and loveable. Stay that way. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

  2. Oh, I do like your holiday to visit your Mum’ s Mum and friends. So much to do and so much to discuss; no wonder you were exhausted. Your ribbon looks very smart. Thanks for sneaking in a photo of your Mum. 🙂

  3. Hallo Danny, da hattest du ja eine schöne Zeit in Germany mit deinen Freunden. Schön, dass du uns das Bild von deiner mum zeigst 🙂

  4. Hi Danny! You sure have a lot of nice adventures! I have Brauni’s brother here in Canada, my cousin sent him to me (from Breuninger) Germany. Your mom looks great at 21 and also now that she’s 31.

    Sending lots of ❤ from all my bears!

    ❤ carmen

    • Carmen that is where Brauni is from, well observed. Lovely to have a brother in Canada, wow.
      And my mum loves you and says thank you for your wonderful compliment! She loves being 31…. ❤
      Lots of love to all your bears form us bears!

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