Danny’s Holidays Part Drei


Another day we went sailing….. to China… to get some tea.

…..not really….

… we visited an English tea clipper the Cutty Sark from 1869.

I think my mum did already mention it in a blog post before but now we went inside this big Sailing ship.

It was amazing!

bettina (3) bettina (9)

There were Tea chests, many ropes, and I had so much fun exploring the ship!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We could also walk underneath the ship, as it is all newly restored….. that was a view!

ute (20)

Definitely worth a visit!

When you come to London, I can take you there!


While we are talking ships….. my mum wanted to put more pictures from the second day of the festival on…. she did have more fun and more fireworks. She enjoyed it so much !



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  2. OOhhhh how I missed your adventures!!!!! I moved to a new place with very VERY slooooow internet. Since, I’m at my folks house today I’m using their high speed to read & catch up!!!! Miss you lots and here are some (((HUGS))) from me to you!!!

    • How absolutely wonderful to see you here, I was a bit worried, if you are well! Big hugs from me back as I am so happy to see you! And I am so happy you could catch up a bit! Loving hugs!

  3. What a cute slide show and yes, I found Danny, way up high, looks dangerous, but he’s a very good climber. Great photos and looks like a good time. I like the photo of you Ute!

    โค carmen

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