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The ABC of genuine happiness – X


The ABC of Genuine Happiness


X – Xerox your smiley face

I love smiling….

Put your smile on other people’s faces.

Start your day with a smile!


Give your smile away……

give others a a bit of happiness….


and keep copying it!


… to be continued ….

Wishing you  an xtra special and xenial day!

 As you can imagine it is hard with x….so  special thanks to Al for finding this word!

Xenial – Hospitable, especially to visiting strangers or foreigners; Of the relation between a host and guest; friendly

Award Time


Natanella gave me the Liebster Award on 7.8.14, sorry I am a bit late responding, sorry, it has been too busy.

I am very honoured and happy to receive this award from “onehappyblog”

Thank you soooo much !


7th August 14

7th August 14

So, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their page(s). 
2. Proudly display the award banner on your page.
3. List eleven facts about yourself.
4. Answer the questions the award-giver asked you and make 11 more for your nominees.
5. List your nominees.

I am a bit naughty and not follow all the rules. I shall answer all the questions though!

1. What superpowers or unhuman abilities would you like to have (if any)? I would like to understand and speak all languages.

2. What country would you like to live in and why? A warm one…. nothing specific but I do like the warmth!

3. If you could help the world in only one way, what would it be and why? (Examples: remove world hunger, provide fresh water to everyone, clean the air, etc.) I would like to spread love to the whole world and show how wonderful it is to be loved.

4. Your most memorable childhood event.  I will never forget when I fell from a haystack and broke my arm as a 5 year old.  As a reward I got a yellow soft toy duck which I still have.

5. What would you like to achieve with your blog and how do you see it at the top of it’s game? I like to spread smiles and happiness! 

6. What skill or talent you think you lack and would like to have? (singing, acting, programming, etc.) I like to be able to type faster without mistakes….. yes I know it is practice 🙂

7. What would you say or do if you met an alien? Welcome him/her/it warmly… hugs

8. What is one thing that you’d do in life if you had all the help and resources needed for it? I would love to help everyone who has not enough food and shelter. I like everyone to have a happy life.

9. Write a few words from the lyrics of a song that first comes to your mind. I am terrible, as English is not my mother tongue I cannot remember any English lyrics……only the refrains.

10. Name one fictional character from a movie or a book that you like or associate yourself with and explain why.  I am stuck here…. I haven’t really read about afantastic character which strikes me as great. I am sure once I press publish… I will think of one 🙂

11. What would you like to get for your birthday? It could also be something you’ve always wanted when you were a child, but never did 🙂  A trip to the other side of the world…. New Zealand/ Australia/ America


As nominees I like everyone who likes it and reads my blog to be able to take it from me! All my lovely friends deserve it !


 Thank you so much!

Danny’s German time




At the airport in Stansted waiting for our plane… and here it comes already!

We went to see my mum’s mum in Germany and I could see my friends!

 reutlingen august 14 (2)

This is in the front garden, I loved this long grass!

reutlingen august 14 (3)

I met ‘Brauni’, he is my gran’s teddy and we enjoyed some  wonderful cuddle time together!

reutlingen august 14 (29) reutlingen august 14 (7)

This is “Petzi” my sister’s very old Steiff Teddybear… he must be about 53 years old…. oh yes I can see some grey hair…. hehe. He is lovely and still dressed in my mum’s old baby clothes. He has got plasters on his paws as the straw was falling out, but his heart is a pure loving teddy heart. We did have a great chat and a lovely time together…..and when mum wasn’t watching……. we got up to bit of mischief.

reutlingen august 14 (6)


I climbed all the bushes in the back garden…. lucky I had fur it was quite cold for August.

reutlingen august 14 (36) reutlingen august 14 (35)

This is the town and every time my mum visits they have changed the roads or put up new buildings. This tower is one of the old towers and part of the town wall which went all round the town. Opposite is the brand new Town festival hall. A very big building I thought.


reutlingen august 14 (23) reutlingen august 14 (14)


reutlingen august 14 (34)

At the end I found a picture of my mum being about 21 then… I couldn’t help myself and sneaked it in the post… hope she doesn’t notice!

reutlingen august 14 (44)

This is me on our way home again…. quite exhausted….

Danny’s Holidays Part Drei


Another day we went sailing….. to China… to get some tea.

…..not really….

… we visited an English tea clipper the Cutty Sark from 1869.

I think my mum did already mention it in a blog post before but now we went inside this big Sailing ship.

It was amazing!

bettina (3) bettina (9)

There were Tea chests, many ropes, and I had so much fun exploring the ship!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We could also walk underneath the ship, as it is all newly restored….. that was a view!

ute (20)

Definitely worth a visit!

When you come to London, I can take you there!


While we are talking ships….. my mum wanted to put more pictures from the second day of the festival on…. she did have more fun and more fireworks. She enjoyed it so much !



♥You are important! Thank you ♥


Thank you to all my blogging friends for being here. 

I haven’t told you lately how important you are to me and how you make me smile and my life happy.

Thank you for being you!








Love you all! 

Many hugs from my heart! 



Pictures are from facebook sources.

Tall Ships Regatta and Festival Greenwich/London


As you may have seen on “my beautiful things” blog the tall ships regatta started in Falmouth and sailed to Greenwich.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is celebrating the largest fleet of Tall Ships to visit London in 25 years.

The start of the Festival was yesterday evening with music and fireworks.

The grounds of the historic old Royal Naval College was transformed into a huge aquarium filled with giant illuminated fish in a stunning underwater spectacle performed by a street theatre company.

As it was night, the pictures didn’t come out so well, but the atmosphere and ships I saw were amazing.

After the fireworks many ships passed us, including the Mercedes!

Here are the pictures….. (I might go tonight again for more fireworks…. and tall ships…. and pirates!)

Click on the pictures to see it better.

… and I met Jack Sparrow….


The fireworks were even better with my favourite music of Two Steps from Hell! I was in heaven!

A super evening out!