Danny’s Holidays Part One


You all know me as the bear who went to Spain last year to meet Manny from California. Well, Manny has run away to China, hope he enjoys it.

I had a lovely holiday here in London with my mum and her sister. I saw many places I have never seen before. I was so lucky and happy  that I could go with them.

First we went to Chislehurst Cave that is where that photo was taken and I didn’t remember.

A man made cave from the Saxons then the Romans extended it for finding flint and the it was used in the 2nd World War for 50 000 people. It was rather cold and so many ways you could easily get lost so we had to follow the guide with the lamp as there was no light.

She did say “every last Thursday of the month they look for lost tourists”, but I didn’t want to stay that long…..

IMG_20140814_120910danny (9)danny (8) IMG_20140814_124752


Then we had a picnic in a park just in time as the heaven opened with lightning and thunder.

We visited Danson House which was a Georgian house and had a Victorian kitchen where I had some fun…. as you can see:

Well I was allowed to go and sit anywhere yay!

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After that my mum went with her visitors to Buckingham Palace. I wasn’t allowed in there…. it was rather posh my mum said and she thoroughly enjoyed it ( specially the cake with the crown) , she brought some pictures back to show us.

Well enough for today…. I hope you enjoyed the little tour as much as I enjoyed all the travels.

Soon more from me!

See you soon!


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  1. These are great. Glad danny had a beary good time. Hope it wasn’t too much to bear. Looks like there was barely enough time to take a breath.

  2. You may be didn’t get to China, Danny, but you have been having a very good time, all the same. I am sorry you weren’t allowed to go to Buckingham Palace. Did Ute bring home a little of the cake for you?

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  4. Hi Danny 😀 Wow ! You were very brave to go into that dark cave. Glad you had a rest in that ever so long bed. We miss you. Love Fanny & Stanley xxx ❤ ❤

  5. Thanks for sharing about your holiday Danny. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of it.
    So thoughtful of your momma’ to take pictures for the places that you weren’t able to go to.
    Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time.
    {Bear Hugs}

  6. A beary happy post! Love the little slide show but I was a little nervous seeing Danny in a pot!

    Sending love and happy wishes to you dear Ute! Anyone who loves teddy bears is a friend of mine!

    ❤ carmen

    • Yes I was a bit nervous too but he insisted and had so much fun. He just goes everywhere… 🙂 I do love my teddies very much. He met some of his German friends too … soon to see, I have to take the pictures of the camera first! Love Ute ♥

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