New lodgers


RoSy loves frogs!

I got 2 new lodgers in my garden as I re-did my tiny little space behind the house.

My hammock fits in and I have some green… this is my little oasis!

Enjoy my garden with me…..

garden (10)


I love those frogs …. here with my little water feature!

garden (5)


We are all very happy out there!

… just need a bit more sunshine!

This is a shot at night with my lights!


gardn (2)



Hope you are enjoying your Summer/ Winter, where ever you are !




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  1. That is a little oasis indeed Ute! I do love those cute froggies. They are adorable! I bet at night it’s just as peaceful and fun to sit there and enjoy your beautiful garden. Beautiful photo’s hon and thanks for sharing. 😀
    ♥ Hugs ♥

    • Yes Sophia it is and I love it so much, I haven’ t used my garden for a long time as there were too many sheds there. So I dismantled one and made some space. I love it now… just need some sunshine… or at least dry weather! Hugs ☼

  2. Your frogs are adorable. My friend Paula collects frogs as well. What fun! Hope life is going well, Ute. I have been missing you, and my internet is back to efficient again, so I thought I’d drop by and say hi from both Manny and me. 🙂

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