Where am I ?



I was having so much fun in the holidays….. but can’t remember where I was…


can you help me?

… just give me a clue… I might remember then…

Love Danny


My mum also had a great time with her sister and couldn’t read many of your blogs unfortunately …..

she will get back to it after next week…… We will until then have more adventures and fun!

I will soon show you more of the adventures I had, that is if I can remember…. surely my mum can! 🙂

Summer here we come!  again…. 🙂




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    • Bei uns auch. Viel zu kalt und zu viel Regen. Immer wieder bisschen Sonne und das ist auch alles…. Vielleicht kommt der Sommer noch im September wenn wir alle wieder arbeiten!

  1. It looks like you were camping out or spelonking. Lots of fun it seems. Luckily mom can take pictures of it all to share with us, so we can remember too. 😀

  2. Hi Danny! I’m sorry you are lost. Do you want me to come over and find you. I am thinking of running away to China. Want to come with me? We can meet in Delaware. I’ll tell you all about it soon. Meanwhile check your cell phone, I bet someone over there will find you soon! 🙂 Lots of bear hugs xxxx Manny! 🙂

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