My dream come true!


Yes, another dream came true.

One of my dreams always was to possess a hammock, ( in between 2 palm trees ideally)

Since I don’t live in a palm tree country… and could’t find any on Amazon πŸ™‚ Β I had to improvise

I did find a lovely hammock with a stand.

I have changed my tiny garden to make it a bit nicer, and with the sunshine in August I can lie in my hammock close my eyes and I am in heaven… well where ever I like to be.

relax1this is not mine….not my garden… πŸ™‚ wished it was…

hammockΒ My hammock – trying it out in the front room….

garden (9)garden (1)Β and in the garden….

I love it and it is a little oasis in the busy world we live in.

Enjoy the moment as Meister Eckhart says:





Enjoy the NOW, enjoy every moment!Β 

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  1. How wonderful!! I love my hammock!! Nothing like falling asleep reading a good book while the breeze blows. Enjoy it, Dear Friend!! You deserve it!! Hugs & Love!! (Love the photos by the way…you are as adorable as ever) πŸ˜€

    • Thanks my dear friend, nice to see you, hope you are feeling better! Swinging in a hammock… the best cure for anything… πŸ™‚ Much love and thank you so much for your kindness!

      • Thank you, Sweetie…..trying to get back to a bit of normal. I appreciate the love you send this way. Big hugs!

  2. YAY! When you’re in it, close your eyes, imagine you are on a beautiful island with your hammock attached to two tall palm or coconut trees, a gentle wind caresses your skin. Hear the waves and feel the refreshing mist they create. Breathe in the wonderful scents of the ocean.

    Perhaps even buy a soundtrack of ocean waves…

    Transport yourself there without ever leaving your garden….

    I hope your hammock brings you many hours of peace and relaxation, my friend.


    • Russ, that is my thinking too, and it feels very good and relaxing. BTW I have given your book to my sister and partner and they liked it. they said it looks like they will enjoy the books. (They are here at the moment!)
      Thanks Russ!

  3. Loved it Ute. Being the quirky person that I am, I thought you may have kept it indoors. I am glad you go and grab your dreams, whatever they may be. I love your zest for life.

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