Danny’s day out


Danny, my teddy who went visiting Spain with me last year was rather excited, as he was allowed to come with his mum to school to Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Here is a link to Manny his best friend!

So after a hearty breakfast we went to school.

danny (2)

He met the cook and both helped a bit in the office answering the phone and renaming files on the computer. They were a great team.

danny (3)


Then a visit to the Nursery with already decorated tables….

danny (4)

He had a healthy picnic with lots of children and many more teddies, a thoroughly enjoyable day , he said.

It was  a hot day , so for the rest of the afternoon Danny helped mum again with computer work and checking the printer.

danny (5)danny (7)

He got home exhausted and rather full up.

He had an exciting day out and he could tell me many things which made him happy today!


Soon holiday start and we have more outings planned! Yay

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  1. Danny, I wish I had been at your picnic and at your Mum’s school. I could have come with my Sadie, and what a grand time we would have had. You will be glad your Mum will be on holiday soon. I wonder what adventures you will have this summer.

  2. Wie schön, dass Teddy mit auf Reisen und Ausflüge darf. Ich habe ein kleines Häschen, das auch immer in den Koffer kommt. Du bringst mich auf die Idee, das Häschen auch mal mit auf kleinere Touren zu nehmen.

  3. He is so adorable and I am jealous of his travels. LOL. I still have my bear and he always makes me feel less alone when I go to bed at nights. Hugs

    • I agree, teddy relationships are for live and incorporate unconditional love! Oh yes I have found Timothy, I do love that name for a teddy! It is great to see him, greetings form Danny!

  4. Hi Danny 😀 What a great day out to be with your mum at work. I loved it when you and Manny came to stay in Spain with me and your mum left Stanley here to keep me company. He always sits on my knee. You never did Danny !!. Lots of hugs., Fanny xxx (and Stanley sends his love to you and your mum too xx)

  5. It looks like they had lots of fun and I am very glad they were there to help you Ute. 😀
    Lovely teddies and great captures. ♥ Hugs ♥

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