Sunset therapy


I am a bit stressed lately, so I thought I need to do something about it.

relax 1

I visited Greenwich, a London Borough, and home to the Cutty Sark , a tea clipper, a beautiful sailing ship from 1869.

The ship was badly damaged by fire on 21 May 2007 while undergoing conservation. The vessel has since been restored and reopened to the public on 25 April 2012

I visited the vessel in 1984 in it’s original glory… these are two pictures from my photo album then…

cutty sark

Now after the fire damage and long restoration it is back open to the public.



It is at the bank of the River Thames and around it are beautiful flowers.

Greenwich sunset (1)Greenwich sunset (12)

 I walked along the river and saw the amazing sunset.



On my way home I have to change trains and have to go through a concrete jungle. Still it looks great with all the lights!

This is my London and I love it!


Greenwich sunset (10)

Watching the sunset is wonderful therapy for stress relief.

Highly recommendable!




Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday!

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  1. Wonderful photos!! I am so glad you hot time to relax. I know I am in need of that, as well. Been a very hectic summer. Thanks, Ute!!!! ❤ you!!

  2. My dear Ute, I’m glad you’ve found some relief from your stress. Here’s hoping that whatever is causing you stress will resolve itself soon! (((HUGS))) ❤
    Diana xo

  3. I love your city too, Ute – and I like your way to you handle your stress. A walk with the camera is a fantastic therapy and we see a total different world.
    I remember very well when the fire happened, lived in Belfast then. So glad that it’s recovered … and has got it’s mightiness back.
    A Lovely post.

    • Thank you for visiting and also commenting. How lovely to have pictures from your daughter from London. It has such wonderful spots in between the business of the city. Hope you enjoy the peace and calm of my blog!

  4. Simply exquisite photos! I love your London too! Welll…I love all of England and am convinced I really belong there as enamored as I am with all things English 😉 ~ It makes me happy when they restore history as they are with that ship. So very cool that you have photos to document the progress as well.

    Thank you so much for always shining so bright Ute …and sharing your brightness with us all! I hope you have an amazing rest of the week as well as the weekend too! 🙂

    P.S. May I use the last photo you shared on my FB page? I *love* it! 🙂 Hugs ~

    • Christina, of course you can use it , share it and enjoy it.
      Thank you for you sweet comment, it makes me extremely happy to know that you love my London and enjoy photos of it too. My sister will be visiting soon and I will take her round to more places and day trips. I will share some here too.
      You made my morning very happy with your comment and I thank you from my heart!

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