I see this every morning when I look out the window…..

My smiling mirror from the neighbour!

… and it makes me smile!



This is a try to do a post with the changed WordPress format of doing posts.

I haven’t figured out how to do make pictures bigger here!

You need to click on the picture please to see it better!

Any ideas…..?

And where are all the pictures gone I used to put up before?

I will need to learn a lot again…..I clearly have problems, I wanted the cat down here…. as I need a rest now….

Good night! xxx



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  1. When you create the image and you are back on your creation page, click the image, then grab a corner and drag it to the size you want it to be 🙂

    Have a good weekend Ute

    • I think I am being thick, how do you create an image? I can only put a picture in gallery and then the word gallery comes up and I can’t see the picture.
      I am missing the add media button….. 😦

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  3. I hate the new WP right now. I love using photos and it is almost impossible, along with sharing on different sites has been taken away from me. Now I have to copy and paste and do it manually. I wish WP would leave things alone when everything is working. Hugs

    • I agree Terry, I am struggling so much……Al might help a bit, he will do a post on it soon. I don’t understand why they changed it.
      Need your hugs! ♥

  4. OMC what’s up with that new WordPress stuff. I suppose that our post can’t help you, so I think you have to ask Sonel for this one, Ute. She’s an expert with computers and WordPress 🙂 Good luck with the photos, oh, and it’s always nice when somebody smiles at you 🙂 Pawkiss 🙂

    • Thanks so much , I saw Al’s post and your question and it is so useful… Al knows so much.
      I agree with you, it works so well and then they change it!

  5. I never have trouble with my WP account as I create my blog posts on Windows Live writer, a free download from windows, you set up your WP account on WLW and then do everything off line and post when you are happy with the preview of what you are to see… you can resize photos, change their places, do just anything you like and when ready publish to WP and walla all done for you… easy oh so easy…

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