Michelle’s weekly pet challenge Week 34


I hope I am in time for Michelle’s challenge.

We have in our school some eggs to show children how chicks come alive.

Adults and children are excited

Β  3 hatched last night and 2 today.

They are so sweet and I tried to capture them.

These 3 hatched last night:


This one just hatched today and you can see another egg started to open.


Children and adults love those cute chicks!


Next week we are allowed to take them out and cuddle them gently!


This is my contribution for Michelle’s weekly pet challenge


Might be some more pictures next week…….

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  1. Love the beauty of life unfolding, unfolding and unfolding as it does all over our beautiful world. From cute little restless chicks, to human babies beginning to see lights and darks, to rose pedals on unfolding under blue shies and warm sunshine.

  2. Love this!!! We are getting 25 baby chicks the first week of June. I cannot wait!!!!!! Can’t wait to show my kiddos this…we are all so excited for their arrival.

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